Top Problems With Vote By Mail, Absentee Voting

1. Vote By Mail eliminates the Secret Ballot.

2. Vote By Mail is typically counted by proprietary vote counting machines.

3. Vote By Mail has major issues maintaining proper chain of custody over the ballots.

4. Vote By Mail is highly vulnerable to vote fraud efforts, such as voting for another voter with or without their approval.

5. Vote By Mail is highly vulnerable to electioneering efforts (centralized vote counts on proprietary computer software).

6. Vote By Mail drastically increases the number of blank un-voted ballots that exist in the system, and available to those who might want to commit illegal acts.

7. Vote By Mail is a highly privatized system of vote counting… from the printing, to the sorting, to the vote counting software, VBM is not a public system of voting.

8. Vote By Mail systems drasitcally alter the time tables of our electoral system nationally, and locally, making campaigning longer and more exspensive, and known winners far less certain on election day.

9. Vote By Mail systems in large counties drastically increase the costs of the printing, mailing, and sorting of ballots.

10. Vote By Mail systems enable vote buying schemes such as “Granny Farming”.

11. Vote By Mail systems undermine the civic institution of the Poll Place.

Ok, so there’s the initial list. There’s a longer discussion of each that follows… Continue reading