The Candidates Agree!

From the AP Newswire:

Reichert said Burner called to congratulate him on a second term, and the two shared their frustrations about the slow pace of Washington’s largely vote-by-mail elections.

“Finally, something we agree on,” Reichert told The Associated Press in a phone interview from Washington, D.C.


New Editorial In The Albany-Democrat Herald

Excerpt below:

Television news last Tuesday reported the excitement of election day across the United States. Voters watching in Oregon might have felt a little left out. No excitement here. No outward sign of an election — such as “Vote here” signs in front of polling places.

The rain that day might have made old-style voting in Oregon a challenge. But having navigated the high water and cast their ballots, voters also might have felt a sense of accomplishment and civic pride.

Instead, most of us had slipped our ballots into a box — mailbox or drop box — days ago. So we had no sense of taking part in a big and important occasion.

Spokane Review Op-Ed on Vote By Mail

Excerpt from the Spokane Review Editorial:

Remember “New Coke”? All the experts agreed it was the wave of the future. It would taste better and outsell Pepsi forever.

Everything was perfectly planned, except none of that happened. The public hated it, the experts were wrong, and New Coke was one of the biggest product bombs of the 20th century.

One day people will remember forced vote- by-mail in the same way.

Pros And Cons of Vote By Mail Discussed At DailyKos

There’s several good discussions over at DailyKos going on, here:

This link is to Kos’ position that Vote By Mail is good. I can’t find the other post that was the opposition paper. Both posts had hundreds of responses pro and con. Worthy examination of the issue, because his original post is pro-VBM the opposition posts become quite detailed.

Vote By Mail Means Your Vote May Not Count On Election Day

From Spokane:

However ballots mailed Tuesday and postmarked Tuedsay evening will not be delivered to election headquarters until Wednesday morning; even though Spokane’s turnaround rate is the fifth best in the nation it still takes at least one day to mail a letter.

“It will go through our processing tonight where it will be postmarked. It will be sent to the station – the county’s mail comes right here to the Riverside Station – and it will be in the hands of the county by seven thirty tomorrow,” Schierberl said.

Unfortunately that means Jerry’s vote won’t be reflected in Tuesday night’s election results and neither will the ballots hand carried by public to elections office earlier in the morning.

So take note, VBM affects how votes are weighted, and the system makes some votes more important than others here in Washington.