Vote By Mail Means Your Vote May Not Count On Election Day

From Spokane:

However ballots mailed Tuesday and postmarked Tuedsay evening will not be delivered to election headquarters until Wednesday morning; even though Spokane’s turnaround rate is the fifth best in the nation it still takes at least one day to mail a letter.

“It will go through our processing tonight where it will be postmarked. It will be sent to the station – the county’s mail comes right here to the Riverside Station – and it will be in the hands of the county by seven thirty tomorrow,” Schierberl said.

Unfortunately that means Jerry’s vote won’t be reflected in Tuesday night’s election results and neither will the ballots hand carried by public to elections office earlier in the morning.

So take note, VBM affects how votes are weighted, and the system makes some votes more important than others here in Washington.


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  1. From The Seattle Times on a Related Issue:

    Story Link To Seattle Times

    OLYMPIA — Mail voters who wait until the last minute to send in their ballot on Tuesday might want to go to an official election drop-off area instead of putting it in a streetside mailbox if they want to ensure it’s counted, Secretary of State Sam Reed said Thursday.

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