Many races around the country still too close to call

As the country moves increasingly to forced vote by mail systems, many races this year remain too close to call more than a week after this year’s election.

In Creswell Oregon, Election Director Annette Newingham, had this to say to the local paper:

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“Oregon’s vote-by-mail system is easy for the voters, but labor intensive on this end,” explained Newingham. “We must determine the voter’s intent and verify each signature.”

The race in question? A general bond, with about 3000 total votes cast! So with Oregon’s Vote-By Mail system, it takes um… almost 2 weeks to count 3000 votes.

And in other news…

In the State of Montana, a local race with just under 4000 votes ended in a tie today. 10 days after the election was held.

Vote by mail and it can take 2 weeks to count 4000 votes.


4 Responses

  1. […] Voting month is repeating itself. Vote-by mail elections make elections, and vote counting take a lot, A LOT LONGER. […]

  2. Good points all around. Truly apaedciptre.

  3. La page est publique, n’importe qui peut voir ces photos de profils le nom de ces gens. C’est a ces gens de faire attention a leur image…

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