Another Op-Ed On Vote-By Mail Problems

This article, published by The Century Foundation, is very interesting. One because it references a conference in Seattle about voting, last year… which is my hometown, and two because it’s about my favorite subject–problems with voting by mail. Here’s a highlight:

While many legislators vigorously pursue enactment of voter identification requirements, it is widely known that absentee voting causes most voter fraud problems. As recently reported, a number of states have cited irregularities in recent years. “Georgia Democratic Secretary of State Cathy Cox was quoted in the New York Times earlier this month as stating there was ‘already rampant fraud in absentee voting.’ Half the country away, Kansas Republican Secretary of State Ron Thornburgh told the Topeka Capital Journal ‘…The greatest potential for abuse in the state of Kansas in our election system right now is advance voting …We’ve got a situation where any person may return another individual’s ballot.'”