Vote By Mail Project Op-Ed

Bill Bradbury, Oregon’s Secretary of State, recently wrote an editorial that appeared in the Nov 19th issue of the Washington Post. In this editorial Mr. Bradbury argues that Vote By Mail is a huge success in Oregon. It is also the answer to those pesky problems like long-lines and touch screen voting machines:

We don’t suffer with long lines at polling places, with voter harassment or intimidation, with fears about malfunctioning or easily hacked voting machines, or from lack of a paper trail.

-Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury

The argument he makes is simply a regurgiation of the Vote By Mail Project’s propoganda. It so happens that Mr. Bradbury is one of the advisers to the Vote By Mail Project, a group that has Washington’s very own Sam Reed on it as well. I’ve written about this group before, and posed the question as to why Sam Reed supports this oranization that so openly criticizes those same touch screen voting machines that Mr. Sam Reed likes so much that he uses tax payer money to promote them to gymnasiums full of school children who don’t even vote yet? But the question that someone should ask Mr. Bradbury, in public and on camera is this, “How does it eliminate the easily hacked voting machines, when you are still using easily hacked voting machines?”

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