Voting Day… no… Voting Month!

Just wondering when the last vote will be counted this year? With the holiday, I would guess some of the vote counting will slow for awhile. Once again, the point is that election day no longer takes a day.  Nov. 28th is just 3 days away, which is the last day in the nation for any state to certify the November’s election, and I just can’t find a definitive account of all the races still counting absentee votes across the nation. But there’s a few.

This isn’t just the result of Florida 2000, or Ohio 2004. It’s not just touchscreens, or Diebold, or Vote By Mail problems. Voting integrity is a cultural goal that must be considered systemically to be achieved.  

So here’s a story from Columbus, Ohio. The following passage illustrates the exstension of “voting day”, into “voting month.” From

Democrats and Republicans watching over a count of ballots held over from Election Day because of voter identification problems said they have found no reason to challenge the tally so far.

Election workers have spent the week reviewing about 38,500 absentee and provisional ballots. About 500 have been rejected because they were cast by ineligible voters, said Franklin County Elections Director Matt Damschroder.

The official, final tally is expected to be announced Monday, along with the winner of the 15th Congressional District, where incumbent U.S. Rep. Deborah Pryce, a member of the House Republican leadership, has a lead of 3,717 votes over Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy in ballots counted so far.

Some would say that this is no big deal. But this is happening all over the country. Relaxing absentee voting laws, moves the nation away from a voting day tradition, and in it’s place grows a bigger mess.