Vote By Mail-A Great Example of Voting Badly

A great opinion piece on the problems with Vote By Mail.

One Month After the Election… Votes Still Being Counted

From Humbolt County, CA:

The Humboldt County Elections Office ran ballots from the 21 vote-by-mail precincts Wednesday afternoon, working through about 700 ballots in a little over an hour. While the new vote tally certainly marked forward movement, the reported results around 3:30 p.m. had very little, if any, effect on the closely contested races. + The only affected race, in fact, was that for Humboldt County 4th District Supervisors, which gained a mere 51 votes from Fairhaven and its surrounding areas, increasing incumbent Bonnie Neely’s lead by two votes. There was also one more write-in vote for the 4th District Supervisors’ race from that precinct. + Eureka’s mayoral and City Council races, as well as the renewal of the city’s utility user’s tax, remained unchanged. + It’s Thursday that will witness the real tooth-grinding and pacing of Elections Office halls, however, as elections officials tally the votes on about 5,000 or so outstanding absentee and provisional ballots — many of which will have a bearing on the tight races. + If all goes well, candidates should have the final numbers to work with by mid-afternoon Thursday. Rebecca S. Bender/The Eureka Reporter

One month after the election, and absentee ballots are still being counted. This is absurd!