Another Blog on Voting

Hmm, apparently there’s a Caltech and Reed College collaborative blog on Voting Issues, called Election Updates. It’s early morning and I can’t sleep so I’ve been catching up on blog research and editing.

So Election Updates just clued me in on the apparent news that Kentucky Secretary of State, Trey Grayson, wants to adopt no excuse absentee ballots in the heart of the South. Good luck with that! With a Virginia Mayor already going to jail for forging absentee ballots in 2006, it’s not suprising that a SOS would want to make the system more prone to fraud rather than less! It’s sad, but not suprising.

On that note, I posted a long position paper with the title “Why No VBM?”, as a page with a permenant link at the top of the website. As I have time I will update the article. If you are wondering why I write a blog on this topic of vote by mail, and the disturbing side of voting through the US post office, this article will give you some insight. You may also want to check out my old campaign website, to understand that I’ve been part of fighting against bringing Vote By Mail to Washington State and my home county.

Ok, well that’s my insomiac post for the night…. I’ll have to look up the Dave Attel show now and watch a little YouTube.