Anti-VBM Ds and Rs in the News

This is a very intersting article from last year:

Once upon a time, one of America’s top election officials issued a warning about the dangers of absentee ballot voter fraud, which is the type of fraud that the new version of the Georgia voter law makes easier.

“As more and more states have relaxed their rules for casting mail-in ballots, absentee ballots have become ‘the tool of choice for those who are engaging in election fraud,'” wrote the official who’s now an appointee to the Federal Election Commission. “Absentee ballots also make vote buying easier because buyers can make sure that the votes ‘stay bought.'”

Now, this wasn’t some whiny Atlanta liberal criticizing the revised version of Georgia’s voter ID bill, which the Republicans rammed through the General Assembly last week like niblets through a goose.

No, it was none other than local-boy-made-good Hans A. von Spakovsky, who used to run a law office and consulting company out of his Sandy Springs house. At the time, he also served on the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections and headed the Fulton County Republican Party.

After the Bush ascendancy, von Spakovsky was named counsel to the assistant attorney general for civil rights in the U.S. Justice Department. And, then, on Jan. 4 of this year, President Bush named von Spakovsky to the FEC.

Ok, so that’s pretty interesting… but even more interesting, the Democrat opposing Georgia’s Voter ID law, from the same article:

One of the most concerned is Secretary of State Cathy Cox, who kicked off her campaign for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination last week. She notes that the most common source of election fraud in Georgia, for many years, has been absentee ballots.

“Time after time, our elections investigators and the State Elections Board have investigated allegations involving the mishandling, theft or other improper use of absentee ballots,” Cox said in an e-mail to CL.

“When the General Assembly considered this legislation last year, we warned of its potential for greatly expanding opportunities for the kinds of real frauds we see in nearly every election — those involving absentees. When a ballot leaves the supervision and control of an election official, any number of bad things can happen, including vote buying and selling, voter intimidation, ballot theft and tampering.”

Interesting stuff from Georgia… the land of 100% Diebold machines.


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