Absentee Ballot Fraud Allegations and other News, 1/24/2007


“According to a post office worker in Bryson City, County Commissioner Chairman Glenn Jones came into the post office on at least three occasions prior to the November election with a stack of absentee ballots to be mailed. It is illegal for anyone other than the voter or the voter’s near family member to be in possession of their absentee ballots, even for the purpose of mailing them.”


“In the first lawsuit of its kind in the United States, the Department of Justice is accusing black political leaders in majority-black Noxubee County of discriminating against white voters.”


Absentee ballot affect in the Cherokee elections. Interesting the affect large groups of absentee voters have on small populations. Offers the question, how long should we be allowed to vote when we no longer live somewhere?


Well this article is really about cost, not fraud. But it does show the lie underlying the oft made point that Vote By Mail systems are cheaper than precinct based poll systems. They are not. The evidence is mounting.

Absent Without Leave

Perhaps the best editorial yet about the trends in absentee voting, and the risks. A must read.


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