Welcome, please say hello

Hi there, just looking at my web stats today. I haven’t been publicizing this blog very often, because it was just getting started, and I wanted to have something for visitors to look. But now that I have a little depth of content, it is probably a good time to start.

I’ve had about 500 visitors so far. So if you do stop by on occasion, I ask two things:

1. If you like the site, oppose VBM and would like to help, or comment, or anything, please say hello. I’m always interested in connecting with allies.

2. If you LOVE Vote-By Mail, and think I am the devil (or not), please tell me why it is you think I’m wrong, and why Vote-By Mail is the best thing since the secret ballot.

2 Responses

  1. Gentry, I think the site is wonderful. I’ve bookmarked it and will visit often. We just received a question from a voter in Oregon asking whether there might be bills in the US Congress to move towards Oregon’s all mail-in voting, and after pointing out many of the issues, I linked him (and others who read the interchange) to this blog.

    Also, check out the important new study by Jim March and John Brakey. They found computer logs that showed an Arizona elections office taking illegal “sneak peeks” at the results before Election Day. You are welcome to excerpt or reprint any of that study here.

    Wishing you the very best with this important new site,

    Bev Harris
    Founder – Black Box Voting

  2. Thanks Bev,

    It’s a hard fight, as you well know.

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