The Ongoing Drama of Absentee Voting Problems

Well this case is just a grant example of how irony plays out in the universe, and absentee ballot fraud. In the first case of its kind in the nation, white Republicans are accusing black Democrats of rigging the vote count against whites, apparently for quite some time. How, you may ask? Well using the absentee ballots of course.

While the race issues are beyond the scope of this blog, it is interesting to note that this case could provide another landmark in the mounting evidence that absentee ballots are very insecure and therefore highly prone to fraud. Unlike the Mayor who just admitted and convicted for electing himself using fraudulent absentee ballots, this case shows that not only is fraud by one individual easier with absentee ballots, but in fact outright electioneering becomes possible using absentee ballots. Of course, proponents in Oregon in Washington will continue to claim, as they do now, that there is no evidence of absentee ballot fraud, even when it is fairly overwhelming.

Here’s the link and the relevant highlights:

JACKSON – The Noxubee County voting-rights trial could end today after two weeks of arguments and testimonies in the groundbreaking lawsuit the federal government filed two years ago accusing black Democratic leaders of politically suppressing and intimidating white voters.

The Justice Department alleges Noxubee County whites have been victims of the black Democrats’ “relentless voting-related racial discrimination” through fraud, intimidation and manipulation orchestrated by Brown.

The alleged fraud comes from “a pattern of absentee-ballot misconduct” by Brown that included ordering Democratic poll managers to count bogus votes by blacks and throw out legitimate ones by whites, said Justice Department attorney Christopher Coates.


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  1. […] many people have gone to jail already for rigging elections using absentees, throughout the country and around the world. This is occurring in the here and now, […]

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