Election Day in California No Longer Election Day In California

Considering I’ve been writing about this since before the election, today’s article from The San Francisco Chronicle comes as no suprise. Election Day is dragging on for days and weeks past the election, all because of the increased use of absentee ballots. I’ve highlighted, as usual, some key elements of the article below:


California, the home of endless elections, is fast becoming the state where elections never end.

More than 1 out of every 5 votes cast last November wasn’t tallied until days or even weeks after election night and, with the growing popularity of absentee voting, no one expects the vote count to speed up any time soon.

That’s bad news for nervous candidates, overworked election officials and voters who don’t want to wait until December to know who’s going to be their new governor.

“This never used to bite us, because there weren’t that many uncounted votes after election night,” said Contra Costa County Registrar-Recorder Steve Weir. “But now it’s a real concern.”

Election figures released by the secretary of state show how California’s vote count was stretched out in the general election.

The 1.9 million votes counted after election night represent 22 percent of the ballots cast in November. In the nine Bay Area counties, about 500,000 more votes showed up in the final totals.

All of this is bad enough, however, instead of realizing the problem and working to correct it, California is instead moving to allow counties auditors to force all postal voting on their counties by decree.

A new law that took effect this year allows counties to start processing absentee votes sooner. Weir and the county clerks association are pushing a measure that would allow county supervisors to approve all-mail elections, rather than waiting for the Legislature and the governor to sign off on the change. There also is expensive electronic equipment that can make it easier to verify and count the absentee votes.

Well there you have it, absentee ballots AND electronic voting machines. Seems like Dean Logan’s influence is already being felt all over the state down in California.