Idaho Looks to Vote By Mail

In what is an ongoing trend, lawmakers in Idaho are looking to Vote-By Mail schemes as a way to avoid the high cost of elections.

BOISE — Idahoans could be voting from their kitchen tables in the future, if a group of county clerks has its way.

The State Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives discussed two vote-by-mail proposals Thursday, and approved both to become formal bills for further discussion.

Of course, it has been shown in this blog, and elsewhere, that Vote-By Mail is neither cheaper, nor more secure. But that doesn’t stop anyone from repeating the lie:

Allowing voting by mail, and having fewer traditional polling places, would save taxpayers money, Mace said. Automark electronic voting machines, which are used throughout the state, cost about $6,000 to purchase, and $250 per year in maintenance fees. In her county, Mace said, she spends about $10,000 per election day on pollworkers.

This proposal has all the same worn over and discredited bullet points of ever other VBM proposal that has cometo light recently. From convenience, to cost, to the closing of polls. It is a shame that lawmakers simply regurgitate info, without any sign of critical thinking.


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