Vote Buying In the News

New reports of vote fraud and vote buying in the news. Some specify absentee ballots as the method used, other reports don’t specify  how it was  achieved, but my guess is that most occurred using mail-in ballots, because how else would you buy a vote?

A county attorney in eastern Kentucky was one of several people involved in a vote-buying scheme that affected elections in two county offices, federal prosecutors said.

Prosecutors explained an alleged scheme to rig the 2006 primary election in Bath County on Tuesday during opening arguments of the trial of County Attorney Donald “Champ” Maze.

In that primary, more than 520 Bath County residents voted with an absentee ballot. That’s more than double the number of absentee ballots cast in 2002. Of those 520 voters, more than 240 filled out forms saying they needed assistance and brought people into the voting booth with them. Among those who needed assistance were a beautician and a hazardous materials trucker. Both said on voter assistance documents that they were blind, Assistant U.S. Attorney Ken Taylor said Tuesday.

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