Your Right to Vote-By Mail Fraud

Arguing the same old song and dance that VBM increases turn-out, Susan Davis has introduced HR 281 into the House of Representatives. HR 281 is called the “Your Right To Vote By Mail Act”, and will take some reading.

Rep. Susan Davis Seeks to End Vote by Mail Restrictions

“This issue is a matter of fairness,” said Davis, a former President of the League of Women Voters in San Diego. “Why should voters in one state be denied a privilege that voters in other states have when voting in federal elections? While I personally enjoy the ritual of going to the polls to vote, I know that getting to the polls on Election Day is often difficult. And for some, it is impossible. For many Americans, every day is a juggling act. A commitment to a job or family should not hinder someone from participating in one of the most hallowed acts of a democracy – voting.”

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