George Galloway Blasts UK’s Postal Voting System

This is a great speech by George Galloway on the problems seen in the UK since they closed the polls and switched to all mail-in voting.

George Gallow MP delivered a rousing speech to the Commons last night, regarding the hot issue of voting fraud. The erstwhile MP’s take on the subject was received with much agreement, as he debated whether the government’s decision to bring in postal voting on demand has fundamentally undermined the integrity of the voting system.

“It has undermined the secrecy of the ballot and made vote theft extremely easy. The changes recently made by the government do not address the first problem and barely touch the second,” he said.

“The government has claimed that postal voting on demand is to increase voter participation but there is absolutely no evidence for this. The real reason is to make it easier for Labour to organize its core vote and thereby make it easier to win elections. Only the abolition of postal voting on demand will begin to restore the integrity of the system,” he added.

The whole speech is available online, and is well worth the read, as Galloway’s remarks usually are.