Oregon and Other States Mail Service Outsourced?

The following story is from the Beaverton Valley Times in Oregon:


Across the U.S., the Postal Service is experimenting with hiring cut-rate private contractors to deliver your mail. Local postmasters who once had the authority to approve new addresses for delivery service must now get approval from higher-ups. Here in Washington County, mail service for 374 new addresses in the Arbor Park development near Bethany are slated to be contracted out. Additional addresses are being contracted out near Orenco Station.

 I have been learning a lot about Oregon’s system lately, but this was news to me. It’s an interesting new question, are mail ballots handled separetly if your mail system has been privatized?


2 Responses

  1. This is not new…although they may be extending it a bit. We lived for 25 years in a metro area with horrible mail service…all full time, unionized, postal employees.

    We are now in a more rural area, with a contract carrier. The service has been error free, at predictable times, and the amount of damage to magazines is much less than before.

    I’m sure that contract carriers are not a panacea, but certainly in my case, experience shows that they may well supply superior service.

  2. I am personally not against privatized mail service. I am against privatized control of our ballots.

    There is a huge difference.

    I’m concerned about the Public retaining our control over the elections process. Diebold, nor the United States Postal Service is the equivalent of the “The People” counting the votes in the precincts.

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