Notes for Attendees of Tuesday’s Vote-By Mail Presentation

I’m giving a presentation today at the University Heights Center, in Seattle, WA. It’s about Vote-By Mail, of course. So, before I go I am posting some research links, video links, and links to VBM studies, that will be discussed in the presentation. Call it my way of providing easy access to my footnotes for the powerpoint.

Video Links

George Galloway Blasts UK Postal Voting System

Bev Harris show Howard Dean how to Hack the Diebold GEMS tabulator used in King County, WA

Vendors are like family

Studies and Books

John Fund, and the Curtis Gans’ CSAE Report

John Fortier
Absentee and Early Voting

The Carter Baker Report

Election Crimes: An Initial Review and Recommendations for Future Study
US Elections Assistance Commission, 2006

The Impact of Postal Voting on Participation
Evidence For Switzerland

I know I’m missing a few, but must get ready, and will update this post after the presentation with links I’ve forgotten.

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