Vote-By Mail Lobbyist Targets Colorado

In this story we see the first appearance of the Vote By Mail Project popping up in Colorado:

(AP) DENVER Unable to vote in November’s election because of long lines at the polls, 62-year-old cancer survivor Penny Baldwin is ready to switch to voting by mail for good.

“I’m at an age where I’m not sure where I’m going to be,” Baldwin said Tuesday, referring to her health.

Colorado voters would be able to sign up to vote by mail permanently under a bill set to be considered by state lawmakers Wednesday, a measure introduced partly in response to the problems in Denver and other counties in recent elections. Currently voters are free to request an absentee ballot without providing a reason but they have to make that request before each election.

Permanent mail ballots are available in California and Washington and Oregon now conducts all of its elections by mail, said Kristen Thomson, a lobbyist pushing for the change. The measure is sponsored by former Secretary of State candidate Sen. Ken Gordon, D-Denver, and is backed by the Oregon-based Vote By Mail Project, which includes election officials from Washington and Oregon.

Who is Kristen Thomson? Suddenly Vote-By Mail, this supposedly “Grassroots organization” from Oregon now has lobbyists in other states?