Saving Money At The Price Of Democracy

The Yakima Herald Reports that “Klickitat County voters will head to the mailbox rather than the polls next time they cast ballots.” Making Klickitat County one of the last three counties in Washington State to make the switch.

“I’m thrilled to do vote by mail,” Sorensen said. “Yes, we’re losing a tradition and way of life, but we’re saving a substantial amount of money.”

Hey, what’s accuracy in a Democracy worth anyway? About $10,000 an election apparently in Klickitat.

Klickitat County commissioners historically supported the poll, describing it as a tradition and way of life in the area.

But they had a change of heart after realizing that more than 60 percent of voters in their county favor absentee ballots. Also, going to an all-mail system is expected to save the county an average of $10,000 per election.

“I think we just looked at it, talked to the auditor, and decided that this was a thing that would come to pass so we might as well get on board with it,” said Commissioner Ray Thayer.

Ah well, selling out Democracy is easy, it just takes believing it’s inevitable.