King County’s Wreckless Plan to Switch To Vote-By Mail

Two blogs covered the topic today, but I thought it would be wise to add links to NOVBM, starting with Zappini’s analysis here:

“Summoned by a seemingly skeptical County Council, and flanked by their Diebold masters, a few brave King County Elections officials gamely defended their Executive’s reckless plans to completely overhaul our vote counting systems. Serving as our nation’s beta test site for completely new, untested, uncertified software and hardware requires sacrifice.

Gone will be our award winning procedures for mail ballot processing.

Gone will be our battle hardened system for central count tabulation.

Mostly regrettably, gone too will be any remaining voter confidence that our elections are legitimate and accurate.

But this must be done. Diebold, VoteHere, Pitney-Bowes, and ParaScript have shareholders and investors to appease. The free market demands that we enrich these corporations. Other overly cautious counties have not endangered their elections as they should. Caving into the Executive’s reckless plan sets a precedent, which will facilitate coercing these other cowardly counties to get with the program.”

Here’s more background info:


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