Colorado Editorial: Ripe for Fraud

It seems to me that there’s a growing concern about this here plan to push vote by mail on the national front. I hear the drums. The drums of the backlash against vote by mail schemes is growing every day.

Anway, here’s a new editorial, ahem… opposed to vote-by mail by the Pueblo Chieftain:

City Clerk Gina Dutcher said mail balloting is slightly cheaper than operating polling places. But even if there are some cost savings, we believe it is still a civic duty to show up at one’s precinct polling place on election day to cast your ballot. The additional cost, which our country has borne for more than two centuries, is the price of the democratic process.

We’re reminded of the elections in Iraq where huge numbers of people showed up at polling places to vote despite threats of slaughter by insurgents. After having cast their ballots, those Iraqis proudly displayed their purple-inked fingers which showed they had voted.

We’re also reminded of the first election in which black South Africans had the franchise. Many stood in miles-long lines for hours for the privilege of voting.

Besides the civic duty aspect of going to the polls, we’re fearful that mail ballots are ripe for voter fraud. During the discussion at City Hall, Councilman Mike Occhiato expressed the same concern.

Read the whole article at the Which shows that 140 years in the newspaper business means that you both know a thing or two about the news business, like maybe registering that domain name years ago?… and it seems also that you know a thing or two about the Secret Ballot.

Well Colorado, here’s hoping you keep up the good fight.

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