Diebold Dazzles (King County) Democrats

Zappinni has written lately on Washblog about King County’s reckless plan to switch to highspeed vote tabulation systems, ballot tracking, using all the bells and whistles of Diebold’s Vote-by Mail solution and VoteHere’s ballot tracking software. Problem is, King County is one of the largest county’s in the country and using it as Diebold’s “test case” seems both illegal (according to state law), and just silly. While the use of VoteHere’s ballot tracking software should be illegal.

Reckless Plan: Diebold Dazzles Democrats

Below are my observations from yesterday’s King County Council’s meeting of the Committee of the Whole. The main agenda item was discussion of the Executive’s business cases for “highspeed ballot tabulation” and “ballot accountability and tracking”. Diebold reps were on hand to help close the sale. I lead with a section on questions unasked. Then I have personal commentary on each of the actors in this play. Sorry for the length, but I’ve got a lot to say.

Read the lengthy details here, on Washblog.


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