The Seattle Weekly on I-25

After talking to the press, you really never know what is going to come out in the story. So after talking with Seattle Weekly reporter, Sean Ludwig, a few days back, I’d been watching for the story to come out on I-25. Well it finally did, and was totally spot on. In fact, the title alone was golden.

Initiative 25 Has the County’s Democrats Lining Up to Oppose . . . More Democracy

Ask citizens if they want more control over the people who run their government, and most will reply in the affirmative. Kurt Triplett agrees with this notion, and it has him a little worried.

Triplett, who is King County Executive Ron Sims’ chief of staff, insists that for the greater good of King County, the director of the county’s Records, Elections, and Licensing Services Division (i.e., the director of elections) needs to remain an appointed position, not an elected one. Enter the boosters of Initiative 25, who have collected 74,000 signatures—well over the 54,000 required to trigger council consideration—in support of putting the issue of whether to have an elected director of elections to a public vote.

Read the entire article here, on the Seattle Weekly’ Website. My initial reaction was that the King County Democratic leadership is spinning this as a partisan issue. And until we, as I-25 supporters, can get a few more King County Democrats to support the issue publicly, Brian Sonntag’s name alone won’t counter that spin, even though support for I-25 runs high.

Has anyone asked Jean Godden?

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