Postmaster General Adresses National Association of Secretaries of State

Interesting press release today from the United State’s Postal Service, titled, “Postmaster General Discusses ’Vote By Mail’ at Conference”:

Portland, OR — Mail can play an important role in helping citizens chose their elected officials and the U.S. Postal Service has resources officials need to create Vote by Mail programs.

Those were the two main points shared by Postmaster General John E. Potter during a keynote address at the National the Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) summer meeting here. Stressing proven experience, commitment and available resources, Potter said the Postal Service is a ready partner in states’ efforts to reach voters and conduct elections through the mail.

Then later in the same document, the press release states:

The Postal Service plays no role in how elections are carried out in the United States, although it is fully authorized to inform and educate election officials about available USPS products and services.

Uh-huh, ok, then why do a press release at all? Maybe the press release tells us more?

The Postal Service also created 90-minute, customized training sessions for election officials. “Election Mail: tips, Tools and Tactics for Successful Mailing” is presented by postal representatives with a depth of knowledge and understanding of election mail and designed to address specific needs, challenges and laws specific to individual cities and counties across the country. To date, more than 1,500 officials have completed the training.

“The Postal Service recognizes the vital role that mail plays in the American democratic process. We are committed to providing election officials with the information necessary to meet their election mail needs,” Potter said. “We have always been proud of our role in binding a great nation together and we are pleased that we can strength this role by our participation in voting by mail.”

Ok, so I think I’ve got the idea. The Post Master address the NASS conference, gives the KEYNOTE speech, but is really just there because it’s his job. Not because he supports the national movement towards forced mail voting. No never. The Post Master is obviously above politics.