Barack Obama Targets Vote Banking through Vote By Mail in California

Not only did Barack Obama and John Kerry co-sponsor the Ron Wyden vote-by mail scheme in 2007, but now Barack Obama has a PAC helping him raise money in California. This PAC, while apparently getting Barack around some pesky fundraising limit laws, will also be targeting California’s Vote-by Mail system in order to “bank votes” for Obama before election day.

In fact, the organizers said, only the PAC will work explicitly for an Obama victory by getting Californians to register and vote by mail starting Jan. 9 , and have 500,000 Obama votes “in the bank” by the primary on Feb. 5.

Obama is apparently not a big fan of the secret ballot. But then again neither is John Kerry or Ron Wyden. I should research the votes on that bill, just to find out who IS a friend of the secret ballot in the Senate…


Hand Counted Paper Ballots for 2008?

This article examines the nature of a precinct hand counted paper ballot systems:

One of the better break-downs of the HCBP (hand-counted paper ballot) system that I have seen to date.