Vote Buying (You don’t say)

Dateline: New Jersey. Looks like absentee ballots might have been used in a vote buying scheme in a New Jersey Council Race.

Two weeks ago, Campos filed a 33-page complaint with the Superior Court of New Jersey charging the victorious campaign of Dawn Zimmer with more than 200 counts of voter fraud.

The allegations range from the technical – mishandling absentee ballots – to the more nefarious, paying for votes.

The case is scheduled to go before Judge Maurice Gallipoli in September.

Campos has been assisted in his investigation by former Jersey City Mayor Gerald McCann, a convicted felon who said he got involved in the matter in order to seek “revenge” on the powerful Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) that supported Zimmer.

“I don’t think Dawn Zimmer instructed her people to go out and do these things,” McCann said last week, “but she got involved with the wrong people, and they’re going to lead to her demise.”

The complaint also alleges that Zimmer’s campaign actually distributed instant scratch-off lottery games with absentee ballot applications.

You really can’t buy votes in a poll-based system. But in an absentee balloting system, especially a no-excuse absentee ballot system, vote-buying is a piece of cake. Here’s more:

Campos’ investigation focuses primarily on Zimmer’s 146 absentee ballots, which helped boost her over the top. Voters fill out absentee ballots when they cannot get to the polls. In past years, use of the ballots required a reason, like illness or travel. This year, for the first time, voters could file them without a reason – a fact that the Zimmer campaign capitalized on by encouraging people to vote by mail in advance.

It’s just another example of how voting by mail is, well, just stupid.


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