Voter turnout – higher or lower or the same?

Hmm, this year’s Washington State Primary is a real interesting lesson in the art of spinning turnout.

First on August 9th, 2007 Sam Reed predicted 34 percent turnout. Beating 2005’s numbers. But then on August 20th, the AP Reports, Small turnout predicted for WA’s first early primary

Then there’s this at the end of the article:

Historically, odd-year primaries haven’t generated much voter interest, but Reed thinks this year’s turnout could be above average because of the state’s conversion to an almost all-mail election.

So either way, it looks like turnout is going to be about the same, even though the majority of people are voting by mail. Which somehow is then spun into a victory for turn-out of the Vote-By Mail system, because the early primary is either decreasing turn-out or not having an affect.

Hard  to folow the logic of it all…


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