VBM turns out about 1/3rd of Washington Voter’s


[Updated August 29th, 2007]

Turn-out during the primary is now at roughly 36.6499%. Which is higher than the 34% predicted, and which has steadily climbed from the election day number of 19%.

Isn’t having¬†half the votes come in after election day a bigger problem than low voter turn-out? And the basic numbers stayed the same, about 1/3rd of the registered voter population voted in the primary, which is typical in primaries in Washington State. So these results don’t really justify the idea that moving to VBM will be greatly increasing turnout do they?

Vote-by mail enthusiasts will no doubt cry about the early primary… good for them. They’ll also undoubtedly ignore the fact that Vote-by mail is increasing the time it takes to get all the votes counted. But spinning the facts won’t eliminate the mounting evidence that voting through the mail is a really bad idea.