Vote Counting 2 Weeks Later… The Election is in the mail day 14

The official election calendar shows the following interruption in vote counting totals:




County Canvassing Boards to certify the primary returns

So it looks like Tuesday, day 14, or Wednesday, day 15 of vote counting, will be the last day of counting in King County, how many people will have votes come in after September 5th? We will never know. Obviously, if I can get my real estate certification first-class mail from Bellevue over 1 year late, then there’s bound to be numerous ballots just mysteriously lost in the mail. But the post office doesn’t seem to want to release those statistics. So it’s very hard to know just how many people voted in King County, have a valid postmark by election day, and on Wednesday will be disenfranchised when the official certification of the primary takes place.


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