This will not go well for John Kerry

File this under ask a silly question get tasered and led away in handcuffs in reply:

“Andrew Meyer, after asking questions to John Kerry, was shut up by Accent Speakers Bureau, and then escorted by UF police. Student tried to evade arrest, and then was subdued. The student said he would leave, but was handcuffed, and then subsequently tased.” –From the YouTube Description

Now, obviously this kid was resisting arrest, but it appears to me in the second video that six officers already have this kid in handcuffs. Maybe it’s just me, but 6 officers should not need to run 40,000 volts of electricity through 1 non-cooperative college student to get him subdued, particularly after they already have him in handcuffs. And besides, it’s not like Kerry hasn’t already answered his questions. As John Kerry was already doing when they started to arrest this kid. Kerry proceeds to talk about the necessity to concede the next day, and then repeats his line that, “I had 30,000 lawyers ready to fight a close election.”

Hmm, it’s like Yogi Bera said, “This is like deja vu all over again.”