E-voting vs Absentee Voting, Paper, Plastic, Or Silicone and Electrons

Here’s a story from 2004 that is worth reading as it outlines many of the different sides of the debate in voting integrity issues. But this story is the number one hit on Google for the keyword search, “problems with absentee voting.” Apparently for this lone statement:


He said the debate over e-voting was taking attention away from the voter registration “mess” and potential abuses associated with absentee voting. “I happen to believe that there are more problems with absentee balloting than all these other things put together,” Selker said.

“The No Vote By Mail Project” currently ranks 5th for the same keyword search. Hmm… I guess I’ll need to work on that. Maybe I’ll try to get MSNBC to let me write a guest editorial? Anyway, it’s a good backgrounder, and interesting how in 3 years the same arguments are still being made… as the country, state-by-state, urged forward by a multitude of citizen activist groups, slowly slouches towards voting integrity.

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