Day 6 of vote counting in King County

Yesterday marked the 6th day of vote counting in King County. An additional 12110 ballots were received. 100% of poll votes have been counted. And 54. 64% of the absentee ballots have been received so far.

Total turnout has now increased to 39.08%. Average turnout is approximately 48% in off year elections, according to the county’s statements in 2003. So far the predictions made by Vote-By Mail supporters that turnout would increase to around 70% by switching to Vote-By Mail has not materialized, either overall or even for absentee voters. But, hey there’s still at least two weeks of vote counting to go… As the last day to certify the election is November 27th, 2007. But while Tuesday’s vote count will probably include several thousand more votes, the drop off over the following week will likely mirror previous elections.

I’ll go out on a limb here and predict King County ends up around 45% turnout. 3% less than what they previously said was the average for off-year elections… prior to switching to Vote-By Mail.

So Vote-By Mail enthusiasts will off course take this as a sign that we should switch over to 100% forced absentee voting, because it will increase turnout.


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