Colorado Voter Group Opposes Vote-By Mail Switch

In a Nov 19th, 2007, press release, the Colorado Voter Group offered up a quick summary of why the oppose Vote-By Mail, because the risks of a VBM system include:

  1. Dependence on a new registration system
  2. Ineligible voters voting
  3. Disenfranchised voters
  4. Voter intimidation
  5. Vote buying/selling
  6. Not transparent
  7. Not anonymous
  8. No effective mitigation

You can read the whole press release here. Or, visit the groups main website here.

Just as in Arizona, where voters turned down the recent proposition to move to all mail voting, Colorado also rejected the plan in 2002 (Amendment 28). But both states are under renewed assault by Vote-By Mail enthusiasts who reject the will of the people, and instead try to force the switch to VBM through legislative action.


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