Ohio SOS Mulls Vote-By Mail

In a rather good article¬†on Scoop Independent News, Ohio’s newest Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, makes some very questionable recommendations in response to the voting machine crisis. Read the whole article when you have a chance. Of course she seems to be buying into the notion that Vote-By Mail eliminates computer problems…. how? Well by using other computers of course!


In addition to central based optical-scanning, Brunner made several recommendations that would push the state closer to all absentee (“vote-by-mail”) voting.

She has recommended “no fault” absentee voting and “Election Day Vote Centers” to combine precincts into “super precincts”.

Election experts have long regarded absentee voting as the most vulnerable to fraud, manipulation and “vote-buying”. While Voting Centers have had a short, but storied history of recent failure in places like Denver, where technical problems during the ’06 election created impossibly long lines, and likely kept hundreds of thousands of voters from being able even cast a vote.

Brunner has also recommending that special “issues only” elections, such as the one to be held next August in Ohio, be carried out as a “vote-by-mail” election, with no in person voting.

While Democrats across the country, including even California’s SoS Bowen, have begun to recommend “vote-by-mail” as a cure to the woes of electronic voting, many Election Integrity advocates are warning against such a move, arguing that both transparency and ballot secrecy is greatly diminished by mail-only elections. The possibilities of fraud, they also argue, are greatly increased in the bargain.