Florida’s League of Women Voters Pushing Absentee Voting

As I recall, the League also supported Touchscreen Voting when it first appeared as well…


The League of Women Voters of Orange County has launched a Web site aimed at increasing absentee voting.

Voteanywhere.org, which provides absentee ballot registration information for seven Central Florida counties, is a component of the “stay home and be counted” campaign. The League hopes to increase 2008 absentee ballot registration by 20 percent over the 2004 election in Orange County.


Another Case of Vote-By Mail Fraud

Apparently when you open up a system to absentee voting, absentee voting enables vote fraud, who knew?


On Thursday, former Assembly candidate Gary Horrocks and his wife were fined $7,000, put on probation and sentenced to community service for a voting scam they tried to pull in 2002.

Back then, Mr. Horrocks, who owned a local tavern, entered the Republican primary for Assembly District 37. In order to better his chances, Mr. Horrocks hit up patrons at his bar for votes. If they didn’t live in the district or weren’t registered, no problem. He had change-of-address forms or voter registration paperwork on which customers could list the bar as their residence.

Then all they had to do was request an absentee ballot. Voila — the ballots were mailed right to Mr. Horrocks’ tavern.

Another trick was to register patrons at vacant lots within the district and then have them request their absentee ballots be sent to the bar.