Brad Friedman and working overtime on NH

Just wanted to give a shout out to Brad Friedman, of the Bradblog, and the crew at They’ve been doing an awesome job providing info on the New Hampsire recount. 

The National Committee for Voting Integrity

Hmm, here’s a site I missed. It’s got some people I know and don’t know on it. I wonder what their position is on:

1. Precinct level hand counted paper ballots

2. Vote-By Mail

The site hasn’t been updated in some time, but it has a useful amount of informational links.


Could someone please explain…

File under, “I wonder what the press release says on this one?”

Although she still wants counties with touch-screen voting systems to switch to paper ballots this fall, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said yesterday that other changes she proposed for the November election aren’t likely.

The multiple-precinct vote centers that she initially had recommended be created statewide by this fall could be adopted by counties voluntarily instead and phased in elsewhere later, she said.

She also won’t insist that ballots be counted only at a central location in each county. Instead, she suggested that they could be counted unofficially in each precinct and then run through central scanners for the official tally.”