California Primary Slowed By Vote-By Mail, Absentee Ballot Count

California’s primary, as predicted, is seeing new concerns arise in counting primary ballots through the mail:
 SAN DIEGO—California elections officials predict that nearly 13 percent of all ballots cast for the Feb. 5 primary could go uncounted on Election Night, possibly slowing the presidential tally in the nation’s most delegate-rich state.

The reason is twofold: More Californians than ever before are expected to vote by mail, and the unsettled nature of the Republican and Democratic races may prompt many of those voters to wait until the last minute to submit ballots.

Of course, little glitches in a new system, won’t help anything either. Funny how this is because of privatization of the system:

600 ballots sent astray; to be in the mail Saturday

The county chose a new company to mail out the ballots when the old vendor stopped providing the service, Tuteur said. During the transfer of addresses, computer software restored addresses that had been deleted in the old system, he said.

The New York Times is focusing their coverage of the differences in campaign strategies, due to California’s VBM situation.


4 Responses

  1. […] in the world are they going to count millions of ballots in California that have been mailed in (predictions of up to 13% of the total ballots) , plus the ballots that have to be counted at central locations […]

  2. I don’t think they’ll be doing this again, at least not as early.

  3. […] California Primary Slowed By Vote-By Mail, Absentee Ballot Count […]

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