Oklahoma State Auditor and wife charged with Mail Fraud


One of the many reasons that voting by mail seems so ridiculous to me, is the numerous cases of mail fraud around the country. The mail system in the United States is well known as a target for fraud of all types, from stolen credit cards, to stolen checks, to stolen identities.

But when it comes to voting, the election officials, and the elected officials  supporting them in this race to Vote-By Mail, seem to be offended that members of the public, like myself, don’t trust politicians or the USPS. Hmm, I wonder why….


The indictments through the Muskogee-based United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Oklahoma include one act of conspiracy to commit honest services mail fraud, six counts of honest services mail fraud and two counts of travel act violations to promote state bribery.

“Political offices should not be for sale,” said U.S. Attorney Sheldon J. Sperling in a statement. “Elected office is a position of public trust. That trust is violated when elected officials take things of value and show favoritism to the contributor in exchange.”

Then again, maybe it’s clear to anyone who can read why I might not want to vote by mail?


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