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File under, “I wonder what the press release says on this one?”

Although she still wants counties with touch-screen voting systems to switch to paper ballots this fall, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said yesterday that other changes she proposed for the November election aren’t likely.

The multiple-precinct vote centers that she initially had recommended be created statewide by this fall could be adopted by counties voluntarily instead and phased in elsewhere later, she said.

She also won’t insist that ballots be counted only at a central location in each county. Instead, she suggested that they could be counted unofficially in each precinct and then run through central scanners for the official tally.”

Florida’s League of Women Voters Pushing Absentee Voting

As I recall, the League also supported Touchscreen Voting when it first appeared as well…

The League of Women Voters of Orange County has launched a Web site aimed at increasing absentee voting., which provides absentee ballot registration information for seven Central Florida counties, is a component of the “stay home and be counted” campaign. The League hopes to increase 2008 absentee ballot registration by 20 percent over the 2004 election in Orange County.

Another Case of Vote-By Mail Fraud

Apparently when you open up a system to absentee voting, absentee voting enables vote fraud, who knew? 

On Thursday, former Assembly candidate Gary Horrocks and his wife were fined $7,000, put on probation and sentenced to community service for a voting scam they tried to pull in 2002.

Back then, Mr. Horrocks, who owned a local tavern, entered the Republican primary for Assembly District 37. In order to better his chances, Mr. Horrocks hit up patrons at his bar for votes. If they didn’t live in the district or weren’t registered, no problem. He had change-of-address forms or voter registration paperwork on which customers could list the bar as their residence.

Then all they had to do was request an absentee ballot. Voila — the ballots were mailed right to Mr. Horrocks’ tavern.

Another trick was to register patrons at vacant lots within the district and then have them request their absentee ballots be sent to the bar.

Democrats say,”An easier way to vote fraudulently is by mail”


Today in the LA Times: 

“Democrats say the GOP’s targeting of voter fraud is a fraud, since Republicans have been unable to point to cases of ballots being cast in the name of a still-registered dead person. An easier way to vote fraudulently is by mail, Democrats say, but the photo identification law does not affect people who vote by mail.”,1,3603672.story?coll=la-news-politics-national&track=crosspromo

Apparently when arguing against Voter ID laws to the Supreme Court some Democrats are willing to attack the Vote-By Mail system that many other Democrats are pushing as the new solution to all our voting problems. Maybe these Democrats should get together and compare notes.

New Hampshire Primary Has Questionable Results

This image taken from:, and the, both are following the New Hampshire Primary, and while I don’t usually cover issues not directly involving Vote-By Mail issues, well I got started down this path by meeting Bev Harris and Andy Stephenson at the old Independent Media Center in Seattle. So I’m posting it anyway.

Anyway, take a look for yourself, I’m pretty sure the mainstream media isn’t going to touch this one.

Another Lone Voice Questions Vote-By Mail

This is a great editorial, so good in fact I just wrote the author a thank you note for writing it.

What’s wrong with actually going to polls to vote?

editorials and opinion

Fresno Bee
Monday, January 07, 2008In an era when we are too lazy to get out of our cars to get a $3 cup of coffee at Starbucks, why should we have to get out of our jammies to vote for president? California elections officials, always catering to apathetic voters, agree and have decided that going to the polls is so last century. Now they’re pushing us to vote by mail so we won’t be inconvenienced by participating in our democracy.

Read the whole article at ScrippsNews

Dodd gave us Diebold and Touchscreens, or why I’m glad Dodd dropped out…


Something I didn’t know until a few days ago, Chris Dodd, former Candidate for President, who dropped out this week, claims authorship of HAVA, or the Help America Vote Act. As such, Dodd is the main man behind giving the United States Touchscreen Voting Machines, ala Diebold.


Here’s a new and relevant piece from the NYT:

“Many worried that another similar trauma would do irreparable harm to the electoral system. So in 2002, Congress passed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), which gave incentives to replace punch-card machines and lever machines and authorized $3.9 billion for states to buy new technology, among other things. At the time, the four main vendors of voting machines — Diebold, ES&S, Sequoia and Hart — were aggressively marketing their new touch-screen machines. Computers seemed like the perfect answer to the hanging chad. Touch-screen machines would be clear and legible, unlike the nightmarishly unreadable “butterfly ballot.” The results could be tabulated very quickly after the polls closed. And best of all, the vote totals would be conclusive, since the votes would be stored in crisp digital memory. (Touch-screen machines were also promoted as a way to allow the blind or paralyzed to vote, via audio prompts and puff tubes. This became a powerful incentive, because, at the behest of groups representing the disabled, HAVA required each poll station to have at least one “accessible” machine.)

HAVA offered no assistance or guidelines as to what type of machine to buy, and local elections officials did not have many resources to investigate the choices; indeed, theirs are some of most neglected and understaffed offices around, because who pays attention to electoral technology between campaigns? As touch-screen vendors lobbied elections boards, the machines took on an air of inevitability. For elections directors terrified of presiding over “the next Florida,” the cool digital precision of touch-screens seemed like the perfect antidote.”

Interesting in and of itself. But even more interesting, on Air America he also was pushing heavily for moving the entire country to Vote-By Mail, something I and other well known voting activists across the country are firmly against.

So next time you think that those sneaky Republicans are behind this move to Touchscreens and shutting down polling places with Vote-By Mail, think again, and take a minute to write Chris Dodd, the author of the takeover of the machines.

How VBM is Screwing Up California’s Primary

Here’s a great article how the push towards Vote-By Mail in California is having serious impacts on the primary. Read the whole article if you have time, otherwise here’s the highlights:

California voters are likely to cast absentee ballots in the Feb. 5 presidential primary at an unprecedented level, with as many as 1 in every 2 voters mailing in their ballots. Election officials will start mailing the ballots on Monday — nearly a month before Election Day — and the first votes will be tallied soon afterward. That means millions of Californians will have voted long before Feb. 5, and if the presidential candidates want to reach them, experts say, they need to get cracking long before the last week before the election. It also means that this year California will have the longest general election campaign in its history.

And the conclusion:

“Moving the primary to Feb. 5 in the largest state in America with 13 media markets, including the second-most expensive, is not fair to most of the candidates, and therefore it’s not fair to the process,” South said.
Even though California’s absentee ballots go out nearly a month before the election, millions of voters will not get them until after the Iowa caucuses and, in most cases, until after the Jan. 8 New Hampshire primary. That means that, contrary to the original thinking in moving the primary to Feb. 5, the presidential campaigns can focus their efforts on the two smaller states — and not on California. Earlier attempts to move the primary had similar results.
“California’s been a month late, and it’s a month late again,” Quinn said.

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Postmasters Lobby for Vote-By Mail

The National League of Postmasters is lobbying (in DC) for vote by mail. 

Postmasters Advocate January 2008