Vote-By Mail disenfranchises 1/3rd of Kitsap County Primary Voters

This just in… and in my new home county no-less: 

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. — The Kitsap County auditor says about a third of the 15,000 mail-in ballots it has received for the Feb. 19 primary so far are invalid and will not be counted.

Auditor Karen Flynn says voters failed to check the box selecting the Democratic or Republican Party.

Primary voters must not only choose one presidential candidate on the ballot, they must also check an oath on the envelope promising they will not take part in the other party’s nominating process.

With precinct based optical scan systems, there is the possibility for second-chance voting. Which means, in short, that if the ballot is filled out wrong, for instance no party preference is chosen, then the machine kicks the ballot back to the voter for error correction. The poll workers would probably be in charge of having voters fill out the oath before providing a ballot as well. Oh well, it’s just 1/3rd of the voters. That’s 66% that got it right, and a D is still a passing grade, right?

For more information, read this, and this.


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