Don’t Forget to Sign Your Ballot

A new article out of Florida points out several new flaws in absentee voting, among them, not signing your ballot:

Addie Reddick of West Palm Beach was one of 200 Palm Beach County voters who didn’t sign.

“I’ve been voting this way for quite some time,” said Reddick, 92. “And I thought I had everything right.”

Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson said the 200 unsigned ballots were the “most unfortunate.”

He called it the “simplest thing to do.”

So in the upcoming 2008 election the errors produced by Vote-By Mail schemes could easily be greater than the margin of victory in the 2000 Florida victory for Geoerge Bush. Of course in a poll place voting system the number of people who forget to sign their envelopes is exactly, wait for it…. ZERO! Because every voter signs in before being given a ballot.

Florida voters in 2008 meet your new Butterfly Ballot debacle, Vote-By Mail! It’s even better than Ralph Nader.