Vladimir Putin Prefers Voting By Mail

Apparently up and coming dictators prefer absentee ballots:

Medvedev is set to secure 61 percent of the vote on Sunday, with nine percent for his closest rival, according to a survey by the VTsIOM opinion research centre.

On Friday President Vladimir Putin was due to make a televised pre-election address to the nation.

In addition to the manipulation of the media, pressure is also being applied directly on voters by local governors, keen to show their loyalty to the Kremlin leadership, Transparency’s Panfilova said.

While the Kremlin does not provide direct orders as to how governors should apply pressure, it has unleashed a burst of “local creativity on how to ensure a 100 percent turn-out,” she said.

The coalition provided a list of complaints phoned into an election hotline to demonstrate how pressure was being applied on the ground.

One anonymous caller in Moscow described how his employer at a state organization forced him to bring his absentee ballot to work to show who he had voted for.

Several other news organizations have covered this same topic:



But even in Russia this is illegal, though that doesn’t seem to stop anyone….


Yelena, 45, who works at a state apartment-house maintenance office in southern Moscow, said her bosses demanded the right to cast ballots for both herself and her co-workers at polling stations where turnout was expected to be low on election day.

To do that, the bosses demanded that she submit a copy of her passport and her absentee ballot, which allows one to vote anywhere in Russia, Yelena said. The practice would be illegal since citizens must cast votes themselves.