Absentee Ballot Voting News for March 31st, 2008

Texas Prosecutes Little Old Ladies for Voter Fraud
AlterNet – 12 hours ago
State’s Attorney General has prosecuted Democrats who help seniors vote by mail while ignoring documented Republican ballot box stuffing.
James Bryant MacTavish: Late absentee ballot for primary inexcusable
The Capital Times – 5 hours ago
In the six days before the election, I was required to find another American to witness my vote and spend 15 percent of my salary to send my ballot express mail. I did not have 15 percent of my salary as the ballot arrived shortly before my payday.
Details about Indiana’s presidential primary
Munster Times – 14 hours ago
Absentee ballots will be mailed beginning March 27 to voters whose applications have been approved; April 28 is the deadline for applications to vote absentee by mail to be received by county election boards. A: Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York