100% Forced Vote-By Mail Voting Systems

Another comon term, proposed and used mostly by election integrity activists, is Forced Mail Voting. This term denotes the intention of forcing 100% of the voters to vote-by mail in a VBM election system. Poll voters are not allowed to continue voting at the polls, rather they are forced to switch to mail ballots, for some if not all of the elections they participate in.

In reality HAVA, the Help America Vote Act, requires disabled accesible voting devices be available to the public in some form. So the 100% aspect is not the most literal, because in theory some voters will need access to a polling place with a disabled person capable voting device. This is interesting, in particular, because Vote-By Mail advocates routinely say that the “mixed system approach,” rather, the poll place and absentee system is not as easy to administer because it is in essence running two systems. Well even with forced mail voting systems there will according to this law, always be accesible voting devices somewhere in the county.

This terminology is important.


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