Bill Bradbury Hawks Vote-By Mail to Pennsylvania

Apparently Bill Bradbury is not satisfied with eliminating the secret ballot in Oregon, now he’s on a mission to eliminate the secret ballot nationally as well:§ionID=1

Bradbury claims, “We will have the cleanest, the most accurate voter registration rolls in the country in about another two years, because there’s this constant cleansing, because of the returned ballots, that lead to inactive voter status.”

The idea was generally well-received by the Pennsylvania legislators, although Democrat Robert Freeman of Northhampton County was worried about tradition “The one concern I have is the end of that civic ritual, going to a polling place, making a conscious effort to be there in line with your neighbors, casating your vote in a democratic style,” Freeman said.


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  1. After seeing first hand how voting day operates in Pennsylvania–particularly in those sectors such as Germantown–I thank Jesus we have vote by mail here in Oregon. Study upon study has been done and determined that Oregon has the highest voter turn-out and the lowest amount of voter fraud.

    Your link to the secret ballot is interesting, but the assumption that vote-by-mail is more open to scam is pure hogwash. We’ve seen how great hanging chads work, and we have seen the willy wonky machines used in other states–on which it is much easier to buy votes (you only need to go to Diebold or a programmer). The fact vote tampering is a Class C felony per-ballot keeps such tampering at much lower–and more provable–levels than a machine.

    I trust the man behind the curtain–it’s the machine I’ve got a problem with.

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