Absentee Ballot Mistakes May Lead to Double Voting

According to this article, it appears that Florida is using barcodes on their absentee ballots, and this week due to typos, are sending out replacement ballots to Washington County residents:

“A second ballot was sent out to those voters with an explanation of why they got it, telling them there was a typographical error on the ballot, and that it was their option of ballot to return,” Griffin said.

But the second ballot has sparked some questions about the people voting twice or possibly passing a ballot on to a friend.


And considering Washington County is largely ederly, how many voters might not remember filling out that first ballot?

2 Responses

  1. It is impossible to vote twice by absentee because once the first ballot has been submitted it goes through a signature verification team, then a ballot opening team and a ballot counting team. Once a ballot has been through the signature verification team, it is flagged in their system. If another ballot happened to turn up it would automatically not be let through the system due to the flagging. This actually happens frequently because you can request another absentee by going in and asking for one. Many people do this when they have lost a ballot or can’t remember if they have submitted one. I do agree however that there can be faults in the system, however it is highly unlikely. I also would like to see King County stay as it is, no required mail in voting. I, for one, enjoy going to the polling places to vote. Perhaps that is because I am younger and feel important by doing so, but either way, I think it should be totally optional.

  2. I would question the “impossibility” of double voting. No system is flawless. And I have had former election officials admit that the vote-by mail system is suseptible to both accidental and intentional double voting.

    You are right that there are systems in place that are suppose to catch double votes, but how many get through the system. I would love to see an audit by outside investigators.

    This is only one problem though, in a system, VBM, that is fraught with problems.

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