More Granny Farming Accusations

This next clip pretty much speaks for itself. More grannyfarming allegations with absentee ballots:

Under state law, two-person travel boards — one Republican and one Democrat appointed by the county election board on the recommendations of party chairmen — deliver absentee ballot applications to nursing home residents and leave with the completed applications. They return later with absentee ballots to be completed by the residents with their help, if necessary.

Owen says that process offers too much opportunity for partisan mischief.

“When you put a highly partisan Republican with a highly partisan Democrat, it’s no surprise when you have partisan accusations of misconduct,” he said. “We need to get party workers out of the process, and let it be run in a completely nonpartisan way.”

In May, Republican travel board member Jessica Kohtala accused Democratic counterpart Louise Williams of opening an unsealed envelope containing a nursing home resident’s absentee ballot and marking the blank presidential line for Sen. Barack Obama.

The alleged incident happened May 2, four days before the Indiana Democratic presidential primary pitting Obama against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Absentee Ballot Mistakes May Lead to Double Voting

According to this article, it appears that Florida is using barcodes on their absentee ballots, and this week due to typos, are sending out replacement ballots to Washington County residents:

“A second ballot was sent out to those voters with an explanation of why they got it, telling them there was a typographical error on the ballot, and that it was their option of ballot to return,” Griffin said.

But the second ballot has sparked some questions about the people voting twice or possibly passing a ballot on to a friend.

And considering Washington County is largely ederly, how many voters might not remember filling out that first ballot?

Labor Pushes Vote-By Mail In New Mexico

Vote Buying or Voter Suppression?
[From a Fox News Report on an Obama Blog]

“How easy is it to steal an election using absentee ballots? Very easy, very easy,” said Faye Cochran, of the Democracy Defense League. “The absentee ballot box is the most vulnerable to voter fraud without changing the loopholes our laws allow of this.”

Since the investigations started there have been even more allegations of vote-buying and absentee-ballot abuse.

But Turner says the investigations are little more than a Republican witch hunt to suppress the black vote.

“You go after black people, you go after black Democrats — you prosecute them for vote fraud, boom.” he said.

King denies any political motivation.

“The ability of a great number of Alabamans to participate at all was bought with the blood of the leaders of the civil rights movement in this very state where votes are being bought and sold,” he said. “And we will not allow their memories to be desecrated by anybody.”